How to Log In to the McAfee Identity Theft Protection Account?

Nowadays, users need to keep their identity safe and secure from being misused by malicious users. So, to offer ease to the users, McAfee has included the feature of Identity Theft Protection to its entire products like McAfee MTP, McAfee Antivirus, and many more. For enabling the McAfee Identity Theft Protection, the users need to enroll to their McAfee Identity Theft Protection Account. So, the stepwise procedure to log in to the McAfee Identity Theft Protection Account has been detailed in the below information.

By enabling the feature of Identity Theft Protection, the users could easily shield their personal and financial details, and credit or public records from being misused by the users. Before initializing the process of login to the identity theft protection of the McAfee product, there are some points that the users need to keep in their mind. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Always access the McAfee Identity Theft Protection Account using the supported web browser.
  2. Some of the supported web browsers are as follows:
    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, 10
    2. Mozilla Firefox 56, 55
    3. Google Chrome 63, 62
    4. Apple Safari 11 (Mac and iOS)
  1. Log in through the McAfee Account:
    1. First of all. Access the official website of McAfee Activate product.
    2. And then, click the “My Account” option from the McAfee home page.
    3. After this, click the “Sign In” option from the drop-down context menu.
    4. On the “Sign In” page, enter the email address and password of the Account.
    5. And then, click the “sign in” button.
    6. Now, navigate the McAfee My Account page for the “Access your Identity Theft Protection” panel.
    7. On this panel, click the “Sign In” button.
    8. And then, enter the details like McAfee Identity Theft Protection User ID and Password within the space provided to the users.
    9. At last, tap the “Sign In” button.
  2. Log in through the McAfee Activate Product:
    1. First and foremost, open the McAfee Activate Product on the device.
    2. And then, go to the “McAfee Identity Theft Protection” from the main window.
    3. After this, tap the “Sign In” button.
    4. Now, on this sign in page, enter the required details like User ID and Password of the McAfee Identity Theft Protection.
    5. At last, click the “Sign In” button.

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